03 April 2014

guess i should thank you

I'm grateful for the experience we had. You're a part of my past, but my present is that much happier because of our relationship (even for the way it ended). I won't forget you, but I don't love you anymore. I did, though, and it taught me a lot. So thanks.

I fall in love with things-
The sound of my name,
in the color of your voice-
the softness of your words
and how they could cut through a room,
and deafen me.
I fell in love with your eyes,
a forget-me-not blue
that has never been forgotten.
I fell in love with the sound of your heartbeat,
the rise and fall of your chest, the way it could lull me to sleep-
there were nights I'd lie awake,
my ear pressed to the pillow, wishing I could hear it.
 I fell in love with your hair
in the afternoon sunlight,
and the brightness of your smile,
like a sunrise at the end of the day-
it was something I could never understand.
And I never understood love
until I loved you.

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