07 May 2014

evening run

My feet pound the pavement, echoing around me; my heart pounds in my chest, filling up my ears. Thoughts of you litter my mind like trash on the sidewalk. I stop to catch my breath, only to lose it once more because in this place, I can only feel you.
I remember the words that spilled from your lips as we walked these streets together, the way each house looked in that moment, glowing in the afternoon sunshine.
This fence that so often finds itself a target for runaway cars has been replaced, just like me.
Remember walking by here? The gaping hole, the only thing between us and the drainage ditch a line of yellow tape, limply hung in a gross misrepresentation of a smile that more resembled a grimace.
Still, we couldn't have cared less, flashing grins like IDs as we continued down that stretch of road, vehicles flashing by in a blur of color and a blast of wind. It's empty now; just me and my thoughts. My pace slows as I approach the intersection, pressing the button and half-smiling as I recall you teasing my inability to do so; it beeps in response and startles me out of my memory. Has it always been so loud? It didn't seem that way with you by my side.

The light turns and I run through the crosswalk, yet I can't help but remember your casual grace as you sauntered through, cool and confident like a runway model. You even looked the part, with your finger-mussed hair and inviting smile. It seems a million years ago that you sent that smile my way, a glint in your eyes that I couldn't quite place, though it made me flush with excitement anyway.

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