08 May 2014


I was broken when I met you;
 in all directions lay shards
of my fragile, glass soul.
Oh, but how kind you were,
how sweet,
 how gentle-
the softness of your touch
as you helped me gather them all
into a box.
I remember each brush of your fingers
against each fragment;
I once had memorized every callous.
And then, oh,
the shock of you leaving-
the thought of you gone-
I couldn't help but drop the box
that held the shards of my heart.
This time,
 I picked them up alone;
oh, how slowly I worked,
how the dust embedded itself in my skin.
Months later,
I was whole again,
glass dust dissolved,
a heart in one piece-
ignoring the cracks.
I can't say I miss you,
because I'm glad you left.
He makes me feel
less like glass
and more like diamond.

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