29 January 2015


The curve of your smile is the only function I want to graph,
all along the xy-plane of my memory;
if I could, I'd calculate formulas that would equate to your laughter.
If you'd let me, I'd spend forever plugging in numbers.
No chart could accurately display
the leaps my heart makes in reaction to you.
Do you know how lucky I would be
if I were only a derivative to your f(x)?
How sweetly I would cherish that point of tangency.
Oh, I long to know whether we are parallel lines,
never bound to truly meet;
perhaps I am 1/x and you are the x-axis
and maybe I will spend my life
approaching you, never getting quite close enough-
and you?
You could go on ad infinitum
and get along fine without me-
while I
would spend that eternity yearning to cross your path.
If I could claim credit for even one of your smiles,
consider the solution to the equation of my life found,
because not even a perfect sin wave could compare
to the upward concavity of your lips.

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