24 January 2015

will you remember that it used to be me?

So who's it going to be next?

That's not important.

Are you going to kiss her softly, silently, slowly, as though you're scared she might shatter? Will you pull her closer and press your lips against hers harder when she kisses back? When she holds your hand, will you swing your arms between the two of you and smile at her when she laughs? Are you going to send her sweet messages when she's gone, are you going to whisper silly things to her when she's by your side? When you catch her eye across a room, will you make a goofy face and wink at her?

When you drop her off, will you tell her to stay put and run around to open the car door for her, will you scoop her up in your arms as she presses kisses to your neck, will you hold her until she lets go?

What about when she texts you? Are you going to read them and not reply? Or will you respond immediately, never let her doubt your devotion? Will you bring her home to your mom and your dad and your cats and your bedroom and your music and your favorite teddy bear that you've had since you were little? Will she lay in your bed, arms 'round your neck like a scarf, legs 'round your hips like a belt? Are you going to cuddle her and fall asleep watching your shows and when she wakes because your mom called the both of you downstairs, are you going to say I just want to hold you and pull her down onto your chest and kiss the top of her head?

Are you going to tell her you love her?

Will you mean it when you do?

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