09 February 2015


Hello, all!

As you can see, I've changed the title and url of this blog; you can find a little explanation about it if you go here.

But why now?

Simply put, posting only my writing started to get a little constricting. (And quite frankly, it was a little boring.) I wanted a space where I could post.. well, whatever struck my fancy, really. So it didn't make much sense to call it a writing blog anymore.

Dilettanteish covers all my bases.

Plus, I like it more than Frantic Nighttime Scrawling.

So, as a thanks for bearing with me this long and enduring my impulsive housekeeping decisions, let me offer you a little photography teaser. (These are from the beginning of last semester; just trust that they'll get better as time goes on.)

["The Art Wing," Church Fine Arts Building, University of Nevada] 
["Filling the Frame," Fitzgerald Student Services Building, University of Nevada]

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