15 September 2015

New Developments

Last time I posted, I promised more regular updates.

That was a month ago.


So this won't be a post so much as it will be a series of updates. Let's see what I've been up to:


I have been so busy since school started again! 

It's only Week Four and I'm already behind on reading for Humanities, and Comparative Politics, and Philosophy... And add to that to the quiz and the two tests and the essay I have in store for me next week. This GPA isn't going to maintain itself, you know. I made the Dean's List last semester, and I'd like to prove to myself that it wasn't simply a fluke.


Over the summer, I got Lifeguard certified on a whim. I figured it was useful knowledge to have, and having the certification opened up more opportunities for me, job-wise. It only took a weekend, and in the long run it was well worth the cost, so why the heck not?

When I got back to Reno, I checked out some of the part-time job openings the city had, as I was actually hoping to return to my old job in Youth Services. Lo and behold, there was a lifeguard position waiting for me. I applied simply because I was applying everywhere, but I did end up getting called back, so now I have the honor of guarding the lives of Reno's citizens. And hey, I get free access to city facilities.

Getting Involved

Last semester, I became a sister of Sigma Alpha Iota and I'm loving it! I love seeing my sisters every week and I'm already on three (actually, technically four) committees. 

I've also joined an on-campus group called Nevada Youth for Bernie Sanders, which works in tandem with the Washoe County Democrats for Bernie Sanders to volunteer for the campaign. We're currently working on voter registration, canvassing, and phone calling; on campus, we're going to begin tabling to register students to vote and talk to them more about voting for Bernie and volunteering for his campaign. 

Additionally, I applied for an internship with the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN) and I was nominated for one of the open positions! Next week I have a meeting that should confirm my admittance as a Legislative Intern.

Becoming Health Conscious

This semester, I have a few goals regarding my lifestyle. They are as follows:
  1. Continue the exercise routine I established in physical therapy over the summer to help my knees improve.
  2. Strengthen my upper body and core, and increase my endurance.
  3. Lose weight and keep it off.
  4. Maintain a more balanced diet, i.e. more than just pasta and others carbs.
I'm also going to try to go vegetarian for a month sometime this semester, purely to challenge myself.

However, none of this means that I'm done blogging; if anything, this all means I'll just have more to blog about! I still have plenty of post ideas that I need to flesh out, whenever I have the time and/or the inspiration. And I'm hoping to expand Dilettanteish even more, becoming more active within the blogging communities I'm already a member of, and taking more control over my blog. So stay tuned, and to really keep up with me, follow me on:




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