Why Dilettanteish?


In high school, we read The Importance of Being Earnest and my teacher briefly- very briefly- mentioned the Decadent movement.

I let it slip my mind, but recently, I decided to do a little more research; that's how I found the word dilettante.
dilettante. [dil-i-tahnt, dil-i-tahnt, -tahn-tey, -tan-tee] noun. 1. a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, especially in a desultory or superficial way; dabbler. 2. a lover of an art or science, especially of a fine art. adjective. 3. of or relating to dilettantes.

I am Jillian. I started off writing, scribbling half-thought phrases in notebooks I hid under my pillow, and then that turned to music-making, trying to get the clarinet to say what I couldn't. Most recently, I've discovered photography; I'm still learning how to use my lens as a translator.

I am Jillian, and I am a dilettante.

So that means..?

Although this blog used to be exclusively my writing, I'm trying to branch out. What you'll be seeing from now are updates on my day-to-day academic, professional, authorial, photographic, and musical endeavors. What you'll be seeing is my life.